At CATIE, our objective is to promote a conducive path to achieve Inclusive Green Development, through the construction of human capital, institutional strengthening for research for development, development, and outreach. For this, the institution is based on the following mission, vision and values:


We promote Inclusive Green Development, through scientific knowledge and the training of new leaders, managing ecosystems, landscapes , and food systems, which with their permanence favor the sustainable well-being of populations in the tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean.


CATIE positioned as a benchmark in research for development, education, and innovation at the service of the peoples of the tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean, seeking a balance between the use and protection of landscapes, ecosystems and production systems that are part of sustainable well-being and the health of people, as well as of all forms of life that are part of the planet.

Core values

  • Knowledge at the service of transformation: Considering our institutional nature, at CATIE we privilege the generation of rational knowledge for innovation and the transformation of realities towards states of well-being of people and their natural and social environment. We value the synergistic relationship between scientific knowledge and ancestral knowledge that is available thanks to the multi and intercultural work that is developed. We also recognize that knowledge must be adequately mediated to optimize its transformative potential, considering the particularities of the towns where we carry out our work.


  • Appreciation of plurality: We also recognize and value that people, even belonging to the same social group, have certain ways of living and expressing themselves, have different tastes, ideologies, and customs. This appreciation favors coexistence, inclusion and enriches interpersonal relationships.


  • Appreciation for diversity: In addition, we consider natural diversity and cultural and social diversity its benefits. First and foremost, we seek the permanence of ecosystems, species, and genes as the basis for the material and spiritual well-being of peoples. Secondly, we appreciate the differences between people in terms of their ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, origin, language, religion, opinion, and gender, among other aspects that make up the unique identity of each person and town. We believe that this value is fundamental in favoring coexistence, inclusion and is at the base of the recognition and exercise of universal human rights


  • Inclusion: We privilege intra and intergenerational equality of opportunities without discrimination based on class, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, or any other form of discrimination that violates universal human rights.


  • Solidarity: Through our daily example we promote good relationships between people, work teams and within them, relationships that are based on unity, fraternity, and good correspondence.


  • Common good: We seek that our actions, strategies, and work tactics ensure that individual benefits do not compromise the benefit of the majority (especially those groups at a clear disadvantage in terms of power and capabilities), observing the applicable national and international regulations.


Operational values

  • Excellence: We serve our partners and their target audience with maximum efficiency and technical and administrative quality. We generate commitment for professional development and quality improvement in the delivery of results, promoting group and individual initiatives, and encouraging creativity and innovation.


  • Integration: We strengthen interdisciplinary work to promote systemic and collaborative approaches at local, national, and global scales. In addition, we foster the spirit of alliances and the construction of mutually beneficial connections with other personal and institutional actors.


  • Transparency: We generate an environment of trust necessary to promote cooperative relationships with partners, donors, and counterparts, and we adopt a culture of accountability, monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the impact attributed to institutional actions, necessary for our feedback and improvement of our own vision and mission.


  • Entrepreneurship spirit for innovation: We develop new ideas, methodologies and technologies that propose solutions to the challenges of a changing environment. Likewise, we take advantage of and generate opportunities with leadership, energy and enthusiasm to attract the necessary resources for a successful and sustainable operation.
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