Desde la aparición del COVID-19, en el CATIE estamos trabajando para garantizar que nuestras actividades y proyectos continúen de forma regular en el mejor grado posible, mientras aseguramos el bienestar de nuestro personal, estudiantes, socios y familias beneficiarias. Water Harvest Project, following the sanitary measures before the COVID-19, continues developing actions for the benefit of thousands of families The initiative aims to protect the water recharge areas in their water harvesting systems, improve their dietary diversity and have better opportunities to generate more income The institution plans a new business model that allows it to go from science to business CATIE spoke with MAGA to learn about current issues of interest in the country and to support them in their needs It will be an alliance between academia and the private sector with an enormous potential to generate value in productive processes that will ultimately benefit rural families

Institutional Social Responsibility Policy

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