Women's roles are especially crucial in the agricultural workforce, with a critical nexus regarding food security, sustainable enterprise development,research for development, academia, and policy making and setting. In the same way, the importance of the knowledge of our indigenous peoples and the need to revitalize their wisdom, the vindication of their rights, their own development and defense of their territories and natural resources are key to the generation of genuine and sustainable development processes consistent with the identity of this sector of the population.

Our Inclusive Green Development approach promotes the necessary actions to ensure intergenerational equity, the real participation of the various groups in society, as well as the capacity maintenance of our natural capital to provide ecosystem services, on which people´s well-being depends on. 

At CATIE, as a regional center, we assume leadership on gender and social inclusion issues in higher education and research for development , and we take them further through external projection, in addition to the implementation of affirmative actions for recognition of access spaces to resources, opportunities and well-being for all people. 

In our actions we promote social inclusion and gender equality in a transversal manner, encouraging the real participation of women, our native peoples and young people in the decision-making processes of the programs and projects promoted from our headquarters and in member countries.

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