Herramienta proporciona información climática para mejorar la toma de decisiones en el sector pesquero y acuícola National and international actors in the field of environmental governance gathered in Jalisco, Mexico This is the International Course on Diversified Management of Tropical Natural Forests: Management of the Challenges of Climate Change and Restoration of Forest Landscapes Forums were held to share information on national and international cases and participants (including private sector actors) signed a declaration of goodwill when concluded Se otorgarán 10 becas de hasta un 60% del costo del curso a profesionales de países de Latinoamérica y El Caribe Expertos del mundo coinciden en que es posible alcanzarla si se trabaja en la recuperación de pasturas degradadas y con sistemas silvopastoriles An alliance that will benefit the country's rural sector CATIE supports this initiative by providing technical assistance to livestock guilds, government institutions and civil society

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